Monday, November 14, 2016

Rags of Light - An open letter to Christ

Dearest Master,

We hope this finds You well, well rest and always in Go(o)d spirit, for All of your children's sake. May Father's blessings continue to flow out upon all of Your children world wide to correct, heal and purify, for the gathering at hand, to fight and destroy the corruption and evil world wide, like ripples emanating from The Stone (You) thrown into the sea.

In my previous email Lord I promised to write to you about what has been happening to me and this body, every since the wee hours of yesterday morning, when Father woke me to write You about the compromising things that have been happening and what He showed me about the short pants. Please know that I woke in grief over the past, this body shedding tears, as I faced the very fear that drove me from You so many years ago; my worst fear, the lie that You would not believe this servants words that labeled me a liar and a jonah then. I prayed to Father with all my heart to shine the Light on my testimony, so that You might see that I was Your humbly servant then, as I am today and hopefully forever more, to hopefully be a pillar in Father's/Your house and to remain forever.

As I battled the fear that Satan so very much wants to keep me imprisoned with, waiting for Your reply, I opened the neglected email from my spiritual daughter from Africa, a daughter I believe Father has restored to me and this is what she said.
"Dear family, Good day, i hope this finds you well, well-rested and having a good day. You're welcome, thank God, its okay because you did well papa, its very important to be in good terms with Him, thank you for taking that courageous decision and thank mama for me for the good job weldone that i love her so much and you too papa ;-)"
Words of encouragement that I believe Father spoke through her two days prior. Words that spoke directly to my soul giving me hope that I could come back home to You. These words proved to be true when only moments later Your reply came back about the pants and then the reply to my testimony and amends. The very Words that have begun to heal your servant of all the hurt and anguish, the lie had cause so many years before. Since that time I have been experience joy and grief on a level never before experienced with healing tears of both streaming from this body.

I believe that Father has been showing me so much more, to heal the deep wounds of the past so You and the rest of Your disciples can go forth now in Your Glory to heal the nation, conquer the evil world wide and establish His eternal Kingdom of Heaven here on earth; crowning You King of kings' and Lord of lords' in His Triumph, Glory and Victory. I believe that he has been showing me that when I wrongly left You because of the lie, that it still remained unresolved even though the crisis was over, He took me away under His strong loving wing to prune, heal, train, to later be restored to You, along with everything else the liar had promised You. After returning and realizing the dreadful mistake made, I remember promising, in my mind to Father, that I would work as hard as possible, to buy another boat to help get Your children to safety, irregardless of what happened to me. Since my departure, I believe Father has had me working very hard along this path back to You, continually seeking His guidance through Your Holy Spirit, to learn and do what was needed to fulfill His works. Over the past decade He has taken and transplanted me in a place of sanctuary here, where He has blessed me with everything that I so readily lay before Your feet again, to count all things lost for You. He has sent me to His school and showed me without a doubt that You are truly The Light of The World, the only Truth here and my King. After seven years of celibacy, he returned to me a wife that has served Him and You Lord by being my help meet, to help encourage me to seek You out again and to try us in the "fire" together by showing us our faults and fears, so that we could begin to learn to conquer them with Your (Truth).

Four years ago to the day, I followed Your call to "clean house" in Washington DC, to help bring down the walls of corruption. This trip was also a milestone in our marriage, a covenant wrought in purity and sanctified by Father with our vows to put Him first in all things, which now saw it's first separation after a little more than a years worth of marriage, as I headed out the door to battle the beast. Your servant was very kind at the time to comfort her while we both dealt with the pain of our separation and until my return. On the last night there, I believe that Father showed that the Walls of Jericho had begun to crumble that very night, as I completed the divinely inspired march around the capitol building seven times, praying at the last that Father would begin to bring down All this evil and corruption world wide. I believe that upon my return, joyfully reuniting with my wife, that Father spoke to me that it wouldn't be long now, and that we needed to finish the work here, that He had set in motion for His purposes and to get our selves ready spiritually for You.

That is exactly what we have been doing ever since, while doing our best to follow The Way learn more of The New Song. We've been getting properties repaired and ready to sell, but most importantly cleaning our house spiritually with the tasks that Father has put before us. I believe He began to gently cokes me back into the water with our desire to help with the recovery of The Stone of Destiny and then our appearance on FB for the Presidential Campaign for Christ 2016, where he immediately brought many of Your children directly into our lives again to help heal us from the pain of separation I'd so many years endured. NF’s relationship with LP also grew, drawing us to Your healing words in the book "How to Attract a Real Man" which she wrote for You. This and the movie After Earth with it's explanation of the illusion of fear, have proved to be stepping stones to the way back to You Lord, all of which we give glory to Father and You for. We did a little inventory last night and we found it interesting and wonderful, that what we have laid before Your feet, is nearly to the dollar, what You were told the boat was originally worth and could bring.

Last night while still experiencing feelings of joy and grief along with the tears, Father suggested we listen to "HALLELUJAH", "If it be Your Will" by Leonard Cohen and "Let the River Run" by Carly Simon, while praising Father for the great work He has wrought in our lives. In this case for taking a nearly broken man, literally over-come by his worst fear and possessed by Satan, to pruning, healing and teaching to be restored to his Master and hopefully become a transplanted branch on His vine forevermore. For NF a chance at redemption for past sins concealed and now revealed; now out in the Light to be faced and conquered with Father's incredible Love and the out pouring of Your Holy Spirit. We also see this and our previous exchanges as the pouring out of The Light so freely given to us to help call and heal Your other children too and bring them to the gathering at hand, to Your Feast Lord. We have been carefully sharing the following epiphany that Father revealed to me, explaining the nature of my captivity all these year, giving me the key to my own prison and putting my feet back solidly on the Rock of my salvation, You (The Truth). The following is what we have been sharing with NS and LP, and which Your servant is also aware, and that You are already aware of too, thank You Lord.

Please know Lord that I not only read LP's book entitled "How to Attract a Real Man" but I also edited the whole book for her. I share this so You will know that both NF and I have been studying it and feel we learning from Your Truth through her book, how to set and maintain strong healthy boundaries, that prevent situations like this one we are discussing. This has helped me tremendously, face my "self" and learn how to prevent people from running over me and taking advantage, and causing others to be hurt by it. This has greatly helped in our relationship in starting to resolve this major crisis in our lives, so thank You for that as well. Like LP, and Cord in The Silent Flute I have come to the realization that I brought this all on myself by being a coward and not setting strong healthy boundaries with everyone around me, but especially Satan. I choose not to be a victim any longer nor buy into the fear that Satan wishes me to believe. Since it is not real, unlike danger, there is nothing to fear and the key to my sanity, I believe Father has showed me this. I look forward to learning more about how anything can be accomplished with You Lord. I also thank Father and You for Your divine patience and mercy.

At the closing of this seriously spiritually moving day, asking Father to show us the next steps, we opened the reply from our spiritual daughter (Your little servant there), showing us the Way.
"hope you're well in good spirit and having a good day, as usual, i always feel good hearing from you because there is always something new to learn from, okay, well done, that is my mama with a good giving heart, thank her for me, if i may ask, what are you helping Master with please? thank you for letting me know this, that is what we call family being there for each other and encouraging one another­čśé am very happy to know this, you should have both seen me smiling big
Wow :-) :-) for i know you will find peace finally, the next courageous step you need to take is to fast also, how do you see about that please? i real would love to see you pass that test, its just a suggestion from a loved one."
Literally out of the mouth of babes, comes Father's guidance again, or so I believe, since we'd already decided to fast this Sabbath I took it as confirmation to continue as long as Father and You would have us to. She also goes onto share how You and Father are helping her to, pruning and redeeming her from a death sentence in the magical way that Only Father and You are so capable of, so we wrote back with words of encouragement and to share Father's Love and Your Light to hopefully burn out the lies that clip our wings, preventing us from flying to Your glory.

So again in the wee hours of the morning, Father has me up typing this epistle to You, hopefully laying out this saga to restore to You what was taken so many years ago, allowing me to make restitution for leaving and to hand me back to You as your hopefully humble servant, never to go out again.

Please Lord we seek your counsel on this and for Your permission to share it with Your other children, for we believe that Father is calling forth All of Your children to join in world wide, to "self" sacrifice by fasting and praying for healing and guidance, to counter act the evil of the season. Thank You so much Lord for Your exampled sacrifice that has made all of this possible, for I truly believe all things are possible with You and Father in our lives. As I close this epistle the feelings of joy and grief flow out with the tears and words that reveal to me what I believe to be one of Father's great and marvelous works, wrought out in our lives to heal the past, restitute and restore, but most importantly to bring You and Him Glory and to see You crowned as our King. I have missed Your direct contact so much Lord, yet at the same time I revel with joy over Your Holy Counselor that has helped to guide and comfort me all along the way, thank You so very much for Your grace and mercy. You are truly The King of kings'.

in Love,
Two fighters for God

P.S. Please know Lord that Father has been clearly showing me my worst enemy as I gaze into the mirror at the "architect of illusion" that has been keeping me from You.

P.P.S. Please also know that NF will write You too for her part and confession. May she please have Your counsel as well Lord?

For those interested in learning more please read the "little book" of Revelation 10:7-10 found for Free at The Way home or face The Fire by JAH.

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  1. This article has really spoken to me by showing the importance of staying in the Word and asking for Father's healing and guidance on a daily basis as we walk the path that has been chosen for each individual soul. He loves us all so much and wants the best for each of us. Thank you to the author of this article and all the people behind the scenes that helped and made this happen.

    We trust it will help more and more people as they realize the importance of our relationship we all have, or should have, with our Lord.

    Love and Laugh,
    Faithful Servant