Thursday, December 29, 2016

Scotland's Life or Death Wrapped up in IndyCamp?

For Immediate Release: Stone of Destiny Group Scotland

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For Scotland's and the World's sake, PLEASE help this to go viral, our lives depend on it, so help us God!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Gibraltar Messenger: The Law and Preparing for War — Time To Think

The seventh edition of the Gibraltar Messenger encourages inhabitants of the Rock to return to God’s Law and to prepare for war. Gibraltar is a strategic sea-gate promised to Abraham by God in Genesis 22:17-18. “Abraham’s seed – [The Covenant People – Brit-ish (in Hebrew)] – was promised the possession of the “gates of his […]
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Here Comes Santa: Run Like Hell!

Good day, we hope this finds you all well, in good spirit and enjoying a restful and peaceful Sabbath. This article is for those who can "see" through the materialism of the season and want to know the true origins of Christmas/Yuletide. It may not be what you expected or willing to accept, but it is the Truth that the majority have been following for thousands of years, which doesn't make it right. A lie is still a lie, no matter how many choose to follow it. May peace be in you and upon you always. Editors notes.

(Wikimedia Common)
St. Nicholas and his alter-ego Krampus (Wikimedia Commons)
Our passion for Christmas has become somewhat of a rite; and a tradition we’re accustomed to, because it seems magical. It’s a feel-good festival of visuals, tastes, smells, melodies and memories. We think we’re celebrating the birth of Jesus, but we were partying long before He arrived. We should have taken His message more seriously and stopped the fanfare of paganism, consumerism and humanism; but we didn’t. We created a nativity scene, told Him to lie there, while we merrily carried on with our pageantry of the winter solstice.
Many holiday activities in Great Britain and the United States have come from Germany’s alluring tales. And these tales can be traced back, not only to Rome, but also to Babylon and Baal-worship. That’s frightening, or should be, but so are Santa Claus and his dark alter ego, Dark Pete. Santa has many names, and so does Pete. Legend has it they travel together like the gods of old. It’s almost like the two represent an out-in-front image of light, fashioned like Apollo, the pagan god of the Sun; and a behind-the-scenes image of darkness, fashioned like the satyr of Bacchus, the pagan god of wine, merriment and ecstasy: Similar to the pope dressed in white, whilst behind the scenes the black pope really runs the show. And with all the name changing over the centuries, it’s hard to keep up with the gods; but replay the same story every year; and we’ll remember the fairy-tales.

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Who Lucifer REALLY Is And Why You Should Care — Time To Think


by A. Freeman, guest writer Contrary to Strong’s Concordance, the late 19th century periodical published by Moses Harman, and the Zionist-controlled Wikipedia—which are all WRONG—the name “Lucifer” does NOT mean “light bearer”. Lucifer was an inhabitant of the Morning Star, which is a REAL planet. The Morning Star is home to Prince Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, […]
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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trump Already Facing WW3 As U.S. Economy Nears Collapse — Time To Think

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by A. Freeman, guest writer President-elect Donald Trump is being brought up to speed on important domestic and foreign policy issues through daily presidential briefings, as part of the standard transitional procedure. That process actually began back in August, at the same time the initial FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s criminal use of a private […]
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