Saturday, January 2, 2016

Caravan To Midnight Episode 309 Jade Helm Decoded - Justification for The Ultimate Bug-Out-Plan

The Previous article, The Ultimate Bug-Out-Plan goes into great lengths of explaining why you need it and why it is the Only Bug-Out-Plan that will work. Episode 309 of John B. Wells Caravan to Midnight should give you some idea of just how diabolical and insane "THEY" (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) are. If you have not yet listened to John B. Wells interview "DJ", then I suggest that you sit down and strap in for one hair raising experience. Also the original Terminator movie should give you some idea of what GEOINT and Jade II is all about... remember "SkyNet".

After listening to the interview, I strongly suggest that you sit down and read or re-read the Ultimate Bug-Out-Plan posted below to realize the Only Successful Plan that will Work and Understand why the Author makes such a bold statement. As always, the free will choice is yours; will you follow Go(o)d common sense or wishful thinking? Staying home and holding onto all your possessions, while making yourself a target, does not fit with "take up your cross and follow Me", the Word made flesh... The Truth. May peace be upon you and in you this coming Year and may you find your Rabboni.

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